Carpenter Brothers, Inc. offers a full range of molding and core-making aggregates to meet all your foundry needs. The most abundant of our aggregate offerings is silica sand, the workhorse of the industry with a wide range of specialty blends to help with permeability (course) to surface finish (fine) and everything in between.

For high-temperature applications where penetration, burn-in, or dimensional stability are required, we offer various grades of zircon sand and ceramic sands, including mullites and bauxites.

Chromite sand, with its chilling effect and penetration resistance in steel and olivine sand for our non-ferrous customers looking for a non-wetting aggregate with excellent surface finish properties, is very popular and readily available.

Olivine Sand, although no longer mined domestically, it is still available from Norway. Most foundries utilize this sand as they did historically without issues. However, occasionally a foundry can produce pinholes, especially if what they are using is a straight, virgin facing sand. Therefore, it is best to meter it into the system sand after it has been premulled.

While most of the aggregates mentioned above can also be used successfully in many core-making processes, we also have a full line of core-specific sands in our offerings, including eco-friendly resin-coated sands with improved flowability and excellent knockout characteristics, including fused silica.

We offer zircon flour and ceramic flours for your slurries to produce refractory shells for our investment casting foundries. We also supply low-density (LD), and intermediate-density (ID) aggregates as backing material during pour-off.

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Carpenter Brothers, Inc. offers a complete line of foundry products to meet the requirements of the Metalcasting Industry.

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