Carbide Burrs

Carbide burrs are machined tools that are used to clean casting areas that are internal or hard to reach. Our carbide burrs feature precision ground flutes. These flutes are manufactured on a five-axis CNC fluting machine resulting in precise control of tool geometry. This eliminates chatter and premature wear. Our carbide burr heads are made exclusively with American manufactured carburized tungsten with cobalt binders sintered at high temperatures. Their precise cutting and rapid stock removal reduce the amount of time to complete the application providing additional cost savings. Carbide burrs are used by mounting to air or electric tools. They are excellent for cleaning hard-to-reach and internal cavities on castings. They have a long life but can dull over time. Dull burrs can be returned for resharpening to extend the tool’s life.

We also offer long shank burrs, miniature burrs, and aluminum cut burrs. Our miniature burrs are used on a wide range of pneumatic, electric and flexible drive tools. Miniature burrs allow for effective freehand stock removal, weld preparation, and removal without contamination. Our aluminum cut burrs are manufactured in the United States from a high-quality carbide. The precise milling cutter-style flutes assure fast chip flow and swift stock removal. These aluminum cut burrs are machine ground to exact tolerances. The engineering of these tools offers a smooth, quality surface finish.

carbide burr

Carbide bur shapes offered:

  • Cylinder
  • Cylinder with end cut
  • Ball Nose Cylinder
  • Ball
  • Oval
  • Round Nose Tree
  • Pointed Tree
  • Flame
  • Ball Nose Cone

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