Hot Topping

Hot toppings are added to the tops of risers and pouring cups to help improve the efficiency of the riser. Hot toppings are either exothermic, insulating, or a combination of both. Hot toppings generate heat to help aid in the feeding of the casting. Once the exothermic reaction has finished, the crust formed causes an insulating effect preventing heat loss, improving piping, and effectively feeding the casting.

We offer a range of exothermic, insulating, and metal-producing powder hot toppings. In addition, we provide hot toppings for ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. With various times for ignition, rate of burn, and amount of smoke generated, we have an option that will work for you.

hot topping


Name Time for Ignition Rate of Burn (mm:ss) Smoke Odor Crust or Expanding Density Exothermic, Insulating, or Metal Producing Ferrous or Non-Ferrous
Exotop 500 4-5 sec 01:25 MED LOW Crust-Hard 70-80 Density Exothermic Ferrous
Exotop 100B 7-8 sec 01:50 MED LOW Crust-Hard 80-90 Density Exothermic Ferrous
Expandex 500 3-4 sec 01:50 MED LOW Expanding-Soft 60-70 Density Exothermic Ferrous
Expandex 544 3-4 sec 01:15 LOW LOW Expanding-Medium 57-59 Density Exothermic Ferrous
Expandex 544S 5-6 sec 01:30 LOW MED Expanding-Medium 55-65 Density Exothermic Ferrous
Exotop 100 7-8 sec 01:10 MED NONE Crust-Hard 80-90 Density Exothermic Ferrous
Exotop 300S 6-7 sec 01:35 LOW MED Crust-Hard 60-70 Density Exothermic Ferrous
Exotop GLS 3-4 sec 00:40 MED LOW Expanding-Soft 55-65 Density Exothermic Ferrous
Exotherm 100 0-2 sec 02:00+ LOW LOW Crust-Hard 47.5-52% Yield Metal Producing Ferrous
Exotherm 150 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 48-51% Yield Metal Producing Metal Producing
Exotherm 190 3-4 sec 02:00+ LOW LOW Crust-Hard 47.5%-51% Yield Metal Producing Ferrous
Insultop 100 0-2 sec 00:45 NONE NONE No Change-Soft 32-36 Density Insulating Ferrous
Insultop 105B  0-2 sec 00:45 NONE NONE No Change-Soft 32-36 Density Insulating Ferrous


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