Sand Reclamation

Sand reclamation is the process of cleaning sand contaminated with binders or coatings for reuse in the metal casting facility. Two common reclamation processes are thermal and mechanical reclamation. Mechanical reclamation systems use friction to remove leftover resin or coating from the individual sand grains. This process removes a large portion of the contaminants but fails to get the sand completely clean. Thermal sand reclamation heats the sand to the desired temperature to burn off all the excess resin, coatings, and chemicals on the sand grains. Due to thermal reclamation burning off all the contaminates it is the preferred form of reclamation.

Sand reclamation will save your facility money on the amount of sand purchased, shipping, and disposal costs. An often overlooked benefit of sand reclamation is improved casting quality. With better control of your raw materials, your metal casting facility will be able to improve casting quality. Give Carpenter Brothers a call today to discuss your project.


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