Investment Casting

Carpenter Brothers, Inc. supplies products and equipment used by the investment casting industry daily! We offer sand for every aspect of your process. We have the alloys you need to hit your customer's specifications. We have all the refractory you could need. Once your castings are poured and cooled, we have the finishing gear you need to get those castings to shine. Finally, we have many miscellaneous items you use to measure, pour, filter, sample, and alter your metal. Did we miss something? Let us know if you don't see what you need, as there is a good chance we have it or can get it for you. 

Investment Casting
Investment Casting

Investment Casting Products

You use it, and we have it. Click to learn more. 

Sands | Alloys | Finishing & Surface Preparation | Refractory 

Miscellaneous Items

Crucibles | Sample Spoons | Slag Skimmers | Filters | Screens & Cups | Slag Coagulant | Thermocouples | Carbon Raiser | Graphite Molds & Rings | Bedding Material | Wood Flour | Refractory Coatings


Temperature Measurement | Melt Furnace | Dust Collection | Conveying and Vibratory | Robotic Automation | Power Leads

Investment Casting

Alloys, De-Ox, and Conversion Melting

We have just about any alloy or deoxidizer you could ever need. There are too many to list, so if you don't see what you are looking for, give us a call! And if you need expert advice to hit hard metal specifications, we can help with that too! Carpenter Brothers employ's a stable of metallurgists ready to assist. There aren't many challenges we can't solve!

  • LCFeCr | HCFeCr | Cr
  • HcFeMn
  • 75% FeSi
  • FeB
  • El Mn Flake, SiMn
  • FeMo | Pure Mo | Mo Oxide
  • FeTi | TiSi
  • CaSi
  • Hypercal
  • FeSiZr
  • Cu Chops | Al Chops | Al shot | FeAl
  • Conversion Melting
  • Custom Ingot
  • Grain Refiners

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