Refractory Coatings

Carpenter Brothers, Inc. is proud to offer HA International refractory coatings. HA-International provides a complete range of refractory coatings to meet all of your metal casting needs. Refractory coatings are used on molds and cores to enhance the surface finish of the casting and reduce casting defects that occur at the sand-metal interface.

Refractory coatings consist of refractory minerals, carrier/reducer, binder, suspending agent, and special additives. The most typical carriers in metal casting are water and isopropyl alcohol. Refractory Coatings can be used on molds and cores.

Some of the benefits of using a refractory coating are: reduce or eliminate metal penetration, reduce or prevent burn-on, prevent erosion of sand by molten metal, smoother surface finish, improve overall casting quality, reduce scrap, and lower cleaning costs. However, the benefits of a refractory coating are only achieved if the proper coating has been selected and it has been correctly prepared, applied, and dried. Improperly selected, prepared, or applied coatings can result in poor casting finish or coating defects. Carpenter Brothers, Inc. and HA International are here to help you choose the proper coating for your application. We will show you the appropriate way to prepare, apply and dry the coating resulting in repeatable excellent castings.

Refractory coating

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