Ladles & Pouring

Ladles are used as the vessel to transport and pour molten metals. They range in size to accommodate the pour weights needed. Ladles are made of different materials for different alloys.

Steel and Iron Ladles are often large and use air or hydraulics to move and lift them. They are steel fabricated shells that are lined with refractory to insulate them from the heat and to hold the temperature of the metal. They can be covered or open. Some ladles are used for magnesium treatments in ductile iron. These normally are specifically designed, like a covered tundish but can also be a standard open bull type. They can be treatment, transfer, or pouring ladles.

Non-Ferrous foundries use the fabricated refractory lined shell-type ladles for large transfers or pouring large parts. However, most aluminum foundries use hand or robotic ladles made of ceramic, graphite, or coated steel welded to a steel rod. These are sized for the pour weights of each job. They can be used by hand or mounted to a robotic arm. Permanent mold and die casters often use robotic arm ladles.

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ladle pouring

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