Ladles and Pouring

Ladles are used as the vessel to transport and pour molten metals. They range in size to accommodate the pour weights needed. Ladles are made of different materials for different alloys.

Steel and Iron Ladles are often large and use air or hydraulics to move and lift them. They are steel fabricated shells that are lined with refractory to insulate them from the heat and to hold the temperature of the metal. They can be covered or open. Some ladles are used for magnesium treatments in ductile iron. These normally are specifically designed, like a covered tundish but can also be a standard open bull type. They can be treatment, transfer, or pouring ladles.

Non-Ferrous foundries use the fabricated refractory lined shell-type ladles for large transfers or pouring large parts. However, most aluminum foundries use hand or robotic ladles made of ceramic, graphite, or coated steel welded to a steel rod. These are sized for the pour weights of each job. They can be used by hand or mounted to a robotic arm. Permanent mold and die casters often use robotic arm ladles.

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Foundry Equipment

Carpenter Brothers Inc. partners with leading equipment manufacturers in the industry to provide you with the resources needed to make quality castings. From temperature measurement equipment to sand mixers and reclamation Carpenter Brothers has what you need.

Molding & Core Making

Everything you need to make molds and cores, as well as replacement parts for machines.

Casting & Shakeout

The necessary equipment needed to aid in casting and shakeout. 

Finishing & Surface Preparation

Equipment needed to put the finishing touches on your castings to get them ready to ship.  


Dust collection systems and air pollution control equipment to keep you in compliance. 

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Carpenter Brothers, Inc. is the leading supplier of equipment, consumables, and technical expertise for the metal casting industry. Founded in 1917, by Everett and Milton Carpenter, the brothers were able to use their unique foundry experiences to solve the problem of the day: a reliable sand source.  They got their foot in the door by selling natural bonded molding sand, which was mined by hand, loaded into horse-drawn carts, and then delivered to customers.  Not only did they sell the sand, but their technical expertise was readily available for all customers, big or small, to help manufacture the best castings. After surviving The Great Depression, Carpenter Brothers, Inc. slowly increased the number of products it distributed and expanded its sales territory into what it is today.


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