Zircon Flour

Zircon flour is manufactured by milling zircon sand into a fine powder. Zircon flour has been used for years as a prime coat, backup slurry, and stucco. The low thermal expansion, dimensional accuracy, and excellent refractory properties put zircon flour at the top of the list for every investment caster. Paired with the superb casting surface, the nonwetting surface to molten metals and low reactivity with most alloys gives investment casters a perfect casting every time. Zircon flour does a terrific job at chilling the metal when it comes in contact with the mold, preventing costly burn-in defects and leaving the castings looking and feeling silky smooth. Zircon sand is typically produced to 200 and 325 mesh, but we can accommodate almost any sizing request. We supply zircon flour by the truckload, super sack, or 50lb bag. If you are looking for a leg up on the competition, give Carpenter Brothers a call to try their premium zircon flours, matched with their expertise in the investment casting world will provide you with peace of mind knowing you will be making phenomenal castings over and over again.

zircon flour

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