Die Casting

Carpenter Brothers, Inc. supplies products and equipment used for die casting. We offer a full line of refractories, molten metal handling, consumable products and equipment, grain refiners, hardeners, modifiers, ingot, alloys, skimmers, ladles, molten metal pumps, and more. Take a look around, and if you can't find what you are looking for, give us a call. There is a good chance we have exactly what you need.

die casting
die casting

Die Casting Materials

Pure Mag - various shapes & sizes

Used to increase the magnesium content of some aluminum alloys for special applications.

10% Strontium Rods

Disperses porosity and increases the mechanical strength of aluminum alloys containing silicon

Aluminum TiBor 

Titanium Boron is a grain refiner that increases the fluidity and mechanical properties of aluminum.

What Customers are saying

"I enjoy working with Carpenter Brothers, they keep us stocked with products I need and when I need them so we can produce our castings in a timely manner for our customers. Their customer service is a pleasure to work with and they respond promptly. Jay is knowledgeable and a technical resource to help improve our processes and quality when issues arise. It is nice to be able to have a trusted partner that we can lean on in the industry."

Bill Rumsey | Purchasing Manager

Great Lakes Castings, LLC

"My first experience with carpenter Brothers was in 2014 working with Jay Morrison, since then I have worked with Randy Cline, Dan Rector, and most recent Kurt Bauman. I have found this group to be professional, very technical in all foundry disciplines, and committed to supporting any issue or request for help, their level of service is exceptional.

The products they offer are high in quality and are competitively priced.

In my experience, Carpenter Brothers have shown that they are more than just a supplier, but rather a partner in business."

Mike Lucan | President

Mestek, Inc.

"Working with Carpenter Brothers has been nothing less than amazing.  Their business acumen, industry knowledge, and customer service are impeccable. Dan couldn’t know our business any better.  He makes suggestions on ways he can cut our costs and he knows all of our products.  His ability to house inventory for us and deliver within a few days as needed has really been a lifesaver in our industry. 

Carpenter Brothers is a top-notch supplier all around.  It is easy to do business with them and they never let us down."

Dawn Chuma | Purchasing

Elyria Foundry

"Carpenter Brothers are not only one of our oldest suppliers, but they are also one of our favorites.  Time and time again they help us to remain competitive through their fair pricing, timely communication, and excellent technical staff.  They help us to be the best we can be in all areas of our foundry."

John Einsweiler | Vice President

Lemfco, Inc.

"Steve, your service and Carpenter Brothers service has always been outstanding and you always go the extra mile to get us an answer. When we have a question or a new project, You guys are always the first company that we go to for product, service, or machinery. You always seem to get us moving in the right direction."

Gerard Franckowiak | Facility Engineer

RLM Castings

"I appreciate how Carpenter Brothers always get me a response whether it is good or bad they always keep us well informed. I can't thank Randy enough for taking such great care of us."

Nick Dawson | Purchasing Manager

ID Castings LLC.

"Carpenter Brothers has quickly become one of my go to suppliers. They exceed expectations when it comes to responsiveness, products and services and do it at a competitive price."

Bill Steinmann | Purchasing

Metaltek International
die casting

Alloys Used by Die Casters

If you are alloying your metal we can help! We carry just about any alloy or master alloy you could ever need. And if you need expert advice to hit your metal specifications we can help there too with dedicated nonferrous metallurgists on staff there aren't many challenges we can't solve. 

  • Master Alloys
  • Copper
  • Strontium
  • Manganese Aluminum
  • 99% Silicon Metal
  • Chrome Aluminum
  • Iron Powder
  • Ti Pucks
  • Tin
  • TiBor

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