Stopper Rods & Nozzles

Stopper rods and nozzles are used in pressure pour and continuous casting operations. Stopper rods and nozzles give you a precise and controlled pour every time.

Our stopper rods are based on an alumina-graphite composition, which is best suited for iron applications. However, we do have options for steel. The ceramic-bonded stopper rods are isostatically pressed for uniformed density offering superior strength and erosion resistance. In addition, we can have the tip of the stopper rod nose pressed with a special mix for enhanced erosion and abrasion resistance.

Nozzles are installed in bottom pour ladles and auto pour systems. The stopper rod sits inside the nozzle. As the stopper rod moves, it controls the flow of metal. The stopper rod must fit the nozzle perfectly not to allow the metal to leak out. We offer fused silica, refractory, and clay graphite nozzles that are sure to fit your application.

Stopper Rod

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