Refractory is a material designed to hold up to very high temperatures while retaining its form and strength. Refractory is used in furnaces, ladles, heat treat ovens, launders, and melt decks. In addition, refractory is needed for today’s metal casting operations. The refractory is used to contain heat and protect employees and equipment.

Refractory is made from natural and synthetic materials. The most common minerals used for refractories are; fireclay, alumina, bauxite, chromite, dolomite, magnesite, silicon carbide, and zirconia.

The typical refractories that Carpenter Brothers supplies are; castables, mortars, grout, bricks, plastic or rams, dry vibratables, precast shapes, blankets, boards, and papers.

Plastic or Ram Refractory

Refractory Products

Carpenter Brothers, Inc. offers a complete line of foundry products to meet the requirements of the Metalcasting Industry.

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