Metallurgical Expertise

Carpenter Brothers, Inc. not only has the products and equipment to assist you in making great castings, but we have the technical expertise to back it up. Carpenter Brothers, Inc. has four metallurgical expertise on staff with over 100 years of experience in the metal casting industry. We are available to help you with any issue related to your metal casting process, whether you are melting ferrous, non-ferrous, or both. So give us a call to discuss how we can help you find the solutions to your problems.

Carpenter Brothers, Inc. has all the necessary products for your casting and shakeout operation. We have metal cleaners, slag coagulants, metal skimmers, and vacuum-formed skimmers to help ensure your castings are defect-free. In addition, we carry a wide range of pouring hand ladles and sampling spoons for ferrous or nonferrous applications. And after you have poured your casting, we have the right hot topping to apply. So take a look around; if you don’t see what you are looking for, give us a call or send us an email as there is a good chance we have it.


Carpenter Brothers, Inc. has the metallurgical expertise to assist you, whether you are pouring ferrous or non-ferrous metals, utilizing green sand molds, resin bonded molds, low-pressure molds, or die castings. We have the technical expertise backed up by many years in the metal casting industry to help solve the toughest of problems. Here are some areas we can help with:

Iron & Steel

  • Melting Methods (coreless, channel, cupola, arc)
  • Charge makeup and material selection
  • Ladle Treatments
  • Defect identification and analysis
  • Desulfurization
  • Deoxidation
  • Pouring practices
  • Treatment process improvements
  • Inoculation (mold, ladle, stream)
  • Alloy selection (type, sizing, addition rates)
  • Efficiency improvements
  • Filtration recommendations
  • Scrap reduction
  • General foundry practices

Non-ferrous – Aluminum & Copper based

  • Casting methods (die casting, gravity, low pressure, sand, permanent mold)
  • Melting methods (reverb, stack, coreless, gas)
  • Melt treatments (cleaning and degassing)
  • Grain refinement
  • Metal transfer and delivery
  • Pouring
  • Heat treatment
  • Defect identification and analysis

With over 81 years of Metallurgical Expertise in the metal casting industry, we have almost seen it all and helped endless customers create great castings. If you are experiencing problems, we are here to help.

Foundry Products

We supply the necessary foundry products you need to make a quality casting. Whether you need Metals & Alloys, Melting & Melt Quality, Molding & Core Making, Casting & Shakeout, Finishing & Surface Preparation, or Environmental Compliance products, we have what you need.

Metals & Alloys

Alloys for Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Gray & Ductile Iron, and Steel castings. 

Melting & Melt Quality

Everything you need to produce molten metal.

Molding & Core Making

Additives, risers, chaplets, chills, bentonite, resin systems, and coatings you need to make a quality casting. 

Casting & Shakeout

Products to aid you in casting and shakeout.

Finishing & Surface Preparation

Abrasives, carbide burrs, grinding and cutting wheels you need to process castings


PPE, dust control, baghouse, and waste management products to keep you in compliance. 

About Us

Carpenter Brothers, Inc. is the leading supplier of equipment, consumables, and technical expertise for the metal casting industry. Founded in 1917, by Everett and Milton Carpenter, the brothers were able to use their unique foundry experiences to solve the problem of the day: a reliable sand source.  They got their foot in the door by selling natural bonded molding sand, which was mined by hand, loaded into horse-drawn carts, and then delivered to customers.  Not only did they sell the sand, but their technical expertise was readily available for all customers, big or small, to help manufacture the best castings. After surviving The Great Depression, Carpenter Brothers, Inc. slowly increased the number of products it distributed and expanded its sales territory into what it is today.


Carpenter Brothers, Inc. has committed itself to its customer's success by providing exceptional service to go along with the superior products and equipment they supply.  With multiple warehouses around the United States we can get you the products you need when you need them. Our logistics team can handle getting your order to you by truck, plane, or train. Our technical sales and engineering staff all have experience in the industry, so when you buy from Carpenter Brothers you gain access to all of our knowledge.

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