Mold Spraying Equipment

To prevent casting defects, many metal casting facilities need to coat their molds or cores. Carpenter Brothers, Inc. proudly represents Armour Spray Systems Inc. We are ready to assist you in all your coating application needs and challenges – automatic spray stations, special wand extensions, multiple gun pump systems, mixing, and robotics.

The versatility and dependability of Armour Spray Systems surpass all other products on the market. Armour systems are designed and manufactured to operate in a trouble-free manner, day after day, in the demanding Foundry Industry. Careful engineering and the finest heavy-duty construction materials assure efficiency, dependability, and long life.

The Z-Gun handles any foundry coating-low or high solids. It is practically maintenance-free. No tip clogging. Material savings up to 30%. The low-pressure operation is far below OSHA limits. Easily applies any coating to 100 Baume-85% Solids. You can expect an equipment payback in as little as three months.

armour spray systems


Mold & Core Coatings

  • 5-gallon pump outfits
  • 55-gallon pump outfits
  • 2.5 & 5-gallon tank outfits
  • 1 & 2-quart cup outfits

Combination Spray/Flow Coat Outfits

  • 5-gallon outfits
  • 55-gallon pump outfits
  • Tote tank outfits


  • 55-gallon
  • 5-gallon
  • Tote Tank

Armour Z-Guns

  • Mold & core coatings
  • Release agents, glue, and automatic guns


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