Mold Release Agents

Carpenter Brothers, Inc. supplies a wide range of mold release agents to fit your metal casting needs. We provide mold release agents for cold box, no-bake, and green sand molding or core making processes. Our mold release agents are either water-based or solvent-based. Our mold release agents are suitable for any mold or core box material, and we have low VOC options available. Mold release agents are sprayed on a mold pattern or core box to allow the mold or core to be removed from the box without the sand sticking. Mold release agents can be sprayed on or brushed on in thin, even layers for the best release characteristics.

Nix Stix CB Spray (2)

Mold Release Agents Products

Carpenter Brothers, Inc. offers a complete line of foundry products to meet the requirements of the Metalcasting Industry.

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