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Sand testing is a critical part of any foundry’s success. Metal casters have two primary reasons for green sand testing; to check the consistency of the prepared green sand and to determine if the green sand has the physical and chemical properties to produce good castings. Poor quality sand can lead to several casting-related defects. To ensure the properties necessary to avoid casting defects and consistently produce the quality you desire throughout the entire green sand system, metal casting facilities need to test their green sand daily. These tests should be completed daily; compactability, moisture, specimen weight, permeability, green compression strength, dry compression strength, and methylene blue clay content. In addition, the following tests should be done weekly; AFS or 25-micron clay content, screen analysis, total combustibles (LOI), volatiles at 900F, available bond, working bond, and Muller efficiency.

Carpenter Brothers, Inc. has all the needed sand testing equipment you need. If you don’t see what you are looking for, give us a call as there is a good chance we can find it for you.

Green Sand Expert

Here are some of the sand testing equipment we offer:

Green Sand Controls Sand Testing Unit

Green Sand Expert can be installed in the plant or lab. Samples of the prepared sand are placed on the screen and the machine automatically generates a 2-inch specimen and performs the appropriate test.

ETA 2000- Measures compactability and can send data to a foundry’s computer.

ETA 3000- Measures compactability, moisture, and green strength and send data to a foundry’s computer.

ETA 4000- Measures mompactability, moisture, sreen strength, and permeability and can send data to a foundry’s computer.

401 and 405 Green Strength Machines: Standard green sand compression, dry strength, and hot strength testing units.

Permeability Units: Machine that takes a 2-inch sample and tests for permeability.

Compactability Rammers: Unit that receive a riddled amount of sand into a 2-inch specimen tube and weight is dropped 3 times to determine the compactability number for the sample

Moisture Analyzers: Automatically yields the moisture percentage of the system sand.

Moisture Tellers: Dries the sand for moisture content and for the MB clay test.

Methylene Blue Test (MB CLAY TEST): Test to determine the amount of active clay in the system sand or dust collection system. Complete with burette, mixer, stand, hoses, and bottles.

Ultrasonic Scrubber: Electrically generates ultrasonic waves to scrub the clay from the sand.

Lab Ovens: High-temperature ovens are used for performing LOI and VCM. Low-temperature ovens are used for drying sand for sieve analysis.

Scales and Balances: Used to weigh sand samples and to prepare required solutions.

Sieves: ASTM standard-sized sieves in appropriate mesh sizes to determine the distribution of the sand system or new sand.

ROTAP Shaker: Machine to hold the sieve stack and will shake and tap the stack to migrate the sand particles through each sieve giving you the proper sieve analysis.

Hardened filter paper: is used to accept a drop of the methylene blue/sand solution to determine active clay levels in the system sand.

2-inch Specimen Tubes and Rammer Bases

TSP crystals: are used to make up the TSP solution that strips the clay from the sand for an MB Clay test.

Methylene Blue Solution: A calibrated premixed solution for the MB clay test.


Foundry Equipment

Carpenter Brothers Inc. partners with leading equipment manufacturers in the industry to provide you with the resources needed to make quality castings. From temperature measurement equipment to sand mixers and reclamation Carpenter Brothers has what you need.

Molding & Core Making

Everything you need to make molds and cores, as well as replacement parts for machines.

Casting & Shakeout

The necessary equipment needed to aid in casting and shakeout. 

Finishing & Surface Preparation

Equipment needed to put the finishing touches on your castings to get them ready to ship.  


Dust collection systems and air pollution control equipment to keep you in compliance. 

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