Alloy Charging System

Alloy charging systems are used to automate charging your furnace and are designed per customer requirements. Charging systems can be belt-driven, vibratory, or pneumatic. They are designed to dispense the required amount of alloy based on weight or time.

Carpenter Brothers, Inc. is proud to represent JOEST’s alloy dosing systems. The system is comprised of a hopper assembly that sits on load weighing cells, an electromagnetically driven vibratory feeder, and a controls package. The system is assembled on a structural skid, which allows it to be relocated quickly and does not require any anchoring to the floor. Material is filled into the holding hoppers. The load weighing cells weigh the material inside of the hope. Material is fed out by the vibratory dosing feeder below the hopper until the desired weight is reached.

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Alloy feeder

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