The degassing process involves bubbling dry, inert gases through the molten metal to reduce the hydrogen levels. Argon or nitrogen is the gas used for degassing aluminum. For the degassing to be effective, very fine bubbles of the dry, inert gas must be generated at the base of the melt and allowed to rise through all areas of the molten aluminum. The rising bubbles collect inclusions and carry them to the top of the melt, where they can be skimmed off. You can use a lance with small holes in the end or a porous plug for degassing. Rotary degassing is the most efficient way to degas molten aluminum. The rotary degassing unit’s graphite rotor is lowered into the molten metal and spins as dry inert gas is introduced. The spinning of the rotary degassing creates very fine bubbles trapping hydrogen and inclusions, bringing them to the surface, leaving you with quality metal. You can introduce fluxes with an inert purge gas to further clean metal for an even cleaner melt.

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bubbles degassing

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