Carpenter Brothers, Inc. supplies pressed ceramic filters, ceramic foam filters, cloth filters, and wire mesh filters. Filters help control the flow of metal and prevent non-metallic inclusions in the metal from entering the casting. As a result, filters have helped simplify runner systems and improve casting quality. Filters can be used with steel, iron, aluminum, magnesium, and brass castings.

Non-metallic inclusions in castings are one of the most common causes of casting defects. These inclusions can harm the surface finish, mechanical properties, pressure tightness, and machining and lead to scrap castings.

If you are having problems with inclusions or want to better control the filling of your molds give Carpenter Brothers a call or email, and we can help assist you with the proper filter selection for your process.

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Filters Products

Carpenter Brothers, Inc. offers a complete line of foundry products to meet the requirements of the Metalcasting Industry.

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