Shank Ladle Liner w/Dam & Spout

Item# 42-1102099-P – $100 per liner FOB: Wayland, MI

Shank Ladle Liner w/Dam & Spout – normally $125/ea = 20% Discount!

24 ladle liners available – packaged 12 per pallet

Quick and easy to install, no preheating needed, ladle liners can be used for iron, steel, or non-ferrous metals. With a nice spout on the ladle liner, you can hit the sprue or pouring cup every time! These ladle liners are just under 20” tall and about 27” wide at the spout. These come in a teapot style, pouring metal from the bottom of the ladle reducing slag in your molds. If you have ever considered using a ladle liner, now is the time to give it a shot! Throw it in a steel shell, put some backing sand in and ram some plastic in the top cap. Dry it out, and you are ready to start pouring!



shank ladle liner

Ladle Liner Drawing

*warehouse handling and broken pallet charges may apply

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