XT Thermocouple

The XT Thermocouple is a multiple immersion thermocouple for molten metal, designed to be used in furnaces, ladles, pour boxes, cupola streams, and other areas where a multiple immersion temperature is preferred. The XT performs well in iron, steel, and nonferrous applications. The XT can measure molten metal temperatures from 900 to 3300 degrees Fahrenheit. The improved XT thermocouple with the class three sleeve offers accurate, reliable, and safe temperature readings. The class three sleeve is a custom-developed composite of low bio-persistent fiber that offers superior insulation and resistance to molten metal corrosion. The XT thermocouple is available in type S and type B in the IPTS 1968 calibration scale. The overall length of the XT thermocouple comes in 5”, 12”, and 24” and can have a 5” or 9” fiber sleeve.  


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