Bisnoc™ is a medium potency inoculant specifically for use in ductile iron production
where the nodularising agent contains rare earths. Bisnoc ™ may be used for thin to
medium section castings. The product is based on Elkem’s coated inoculant technology *.

Your Main Benefits

  • Generates high nodule density
  • Promotes ferrite
  • Powerful chill reducer
  • May be used on ductile irons produced with pure Mg methods that contain sufficient rare earths
  • May be used on irons treated with MgFeSi when the nodulariser contains rare earths

Advantages of Bisnoc™

Pure magnesium nodularisation processes, such as converters and plunging, have a big negative effect on the inherent nucleation levels in cast iron and result in a “dead” iron which is often not responsive to conventional inoculants. The same can be said of the violent cored wire treatments and some MgFeSi alloys with very high magnesium. Regenerating active nuclei to promote graphite growth is essential and elements such as cerium and calcium can do this. However, the addition of bismuth to the inoculant has the additional effect of  promoting a very high nodule number (density). This results in increased ferrite content and a low tendency to the formation of iron  carbide.


Chemical Analysis (weight %)

Silicon                                   64 – 70 %
Calcium                                0.8 – 1.2 %
Aluminum                           0.8 – 1.2 %
Bismuth                               0.5 – 1.1 %
Iron Balance

Standard Sizes

In-stream/MSI                   30 x 70 mesh or 20 x 80 mesh or 0.2-0.7mm
Small Ladle                         6 x 20 mesh and 0.7-3mm

Standard Packaging

Big Bag/Supersack            3000 lb
Steel Drum/Drum Bag     500 lb
Paper Bag                            50 lb

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