Ultraseed® Zr Inoculant

Ultraseed® Zr inoculant provides excellent nodule counts and chill removal. Ultraseed® Zr inoculant is the Rare Earth free alternative to the highly successful cerium-containing version, Ultraseed® Ce. Using the same technology of adding the necessary elements for nucleation, oxygen, and sulfur, at the inoculation stage, Ultraseed® Zr generates high nodule counts, excellent chill removal and is effective in irons made by any nodularizing process.

It contains levels of calcium, zirconium, and aluminum optimized to minimize chill and provide a high number of graphite nucleation sites in the iron.

  • More potent than conventional ferrosilicon-based inoculants
  • It gives a high nodule count and powerful chill reduction
  • Effective on ductile irons produced from pure Mg and MgFeSi processes
  • Provides good nodule structure in heavy section ferritic ductile iron
  • Rare Earth free inoculant

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