Ram or Plastic is a very versatile refractory. Plastic can be used as a top cap for a furnace or a ladle, and it can be used for patching holes and cracks in ladles, furnaces, heat treat furnaces, extending the life of the lining. Plastic and ram can also be used to form precise pouring spouts. Plastic and ram are either air set or phos bonded. Ram and Plastic are installed with a pneumatic hammer, creating a monolithic refractory shape. Ram, plas, and fine plaster are the same material but have different consistencies. Ram is the hardest, containing less moisture, plas is more pliable and easier to work with, and fine plaster is more like a peanut butter consistency used to smear onto cracks in linings or ladles. Watch the video below for a visual of the difference in consistency. 


Plastic or Ram Refractory

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