Continuous Measurement Thermocouples and Protection Tubes

The continuous measurement thermocouples are used for nonferrous applications up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. The refractory surface resists erosion by nonferrous metals with no additional coatings to prolong the life. This allows the user to have a continuous temperature readout ideal for holding furnaces. Our continuous measurement thermocouples have a refractory laminated protection tube, complete with a silicon carbide tip for longer service life. The continuous measurement thermocouples use ¾” NPT (national pipe thread) standard to easily integrate with your current temperature measurement system. The overall length of the thermocouples ranges from 12″ to 48″ and can hold up to a #8-gauge beaded thermocouple. These units include a sealed stainless steel type K thermocouple. The typical lead wire from the protection tube is 36″ but can be customized to your specification. We also offer custom cold leg assemblies. 

continuous thermocouple

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