IF Thermocouple

The IF thermocouple is a multiple-use molten metal immersion thermocouple for small furnace and ladle applications, generally 500 lbs. or less. The IF thermocouple can be used in both ferrous and nonferrous metals. The IF thermocouple measurement element is 1.5 inches long and has rapid response times. It will give accurate temperature measurements in 2-5 seconds. You can typically expect to receive 4-8 measurements per thermocouple, depending on the type of metal and the amount of slag. The IF thermocouple is available in type S (IF 10) and type B (IF 630) calibrations. We also have reusable and removable protective heat shields made from metal and refractory or ceramic fiber. These heat shields help protect the lance of the measurement system.  

IF_IF10 68_001I

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