Tundish Liner w/Dam

Item # 42-1100350-EA – $875/ea FOB: East Palestine, OH

Tundish Liner W/Dam 41″x45″x18″ – normally $1,439/ea = 39% Discount!

15 available 

Well, this is a unique offering. Used for continuous casting operations or for pouring large molds that you want to ensure little to no slag makes its way into the mold. The liner has a volume of 9072 cu in! As you can see on the print below, the metal is poured in on the left side and runs up and then under the dam. The metal comes back down and exits out of a 7.75” x 8.25” hole on the bottom right of the liner. We know this is a long shot, but we hope we can find a new home for all 15 of these! Make us an offer we can’t refuse, and they are yours!

tundish pic

Tundish Liner Drawing

*warehouse handling and broken pallet charges may apply

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