Titanium CP Turnings

Item # 2180-0001 & 2180-0250 – $5.50/lb FOB: Wayland, MI

Titanium CP Turnings – normally $6.55/lb = 16% Discount

Three (3) 250lb drums, One (1) 185lb drum, & One (1) 195lb drum are available

Titanium is an excellent nitrogen and oxygen scavenger for steel. Titanium is often used as a deox application. This can be used in iron, but great care is needed to ensure proper adds. We have three 250 lb drums available and two partial drums, one weighing 185 lbs and the other 195 lbs. See what all the rage is about with titanium deox. Buy a drum or buy them all, and one of our metallurgists can advise on the best use for deox.


titanium cp turnings

Chemical Analysis

Lot 11959 | Ti 99.46%, O2 0.12%, N2 0.02%, C 0%, Al 0%, V 0%

Lot 11671 | Ti 99.643%, O2 0.131%, N2 0%, C 0.001%, Fe 0.071%

*warehouse handling and broken pallet charges may apply

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