Sand Conditioner #1

Item # 0321-2001 – $0.60/lb FOB: Milwaukee, WI

Sand Conditioner #1 – normally $0.75/lb = 20% Discount!

23 – 2000 lb super sacks available

What the heck is SC#1?! Sand Conditioner 1 is a blend of various starches. When added to GREEN SAND, it produces improved strength and toughness. We have 23 – 2000lb super sacks of this stuff. Buy one and give it a shot. You only add 0.3% to 0.5% of this magical powder by weight. And it will help improve the physical molding properties of your green sand.


  • Shatter index increases!
  • Permeability increases!
  • Plastic deformation increases!
  • Improves pattern strip!
  • Improves flowability!
  • Improves moisture retention!
  • Reduces Friability!

Why wouldn’t you give this stuff a try? You’ll save $$$ with reduced sand-related scrap, reduced shot blasting times and reduced bentonite additions, and improved surface finish!

Once the entire system is treated, a small top-up level of 0.03%-0.07% will be required due to burn-out.

If you are intrigued but not ready to buy because you need to see some more data, let us know, and we will send you testing data that you can expect to achieve. Plus, at such a bargain, what do you have to lose?

SC1 photo

SC1 Tech Data Sheet


*warehouse handling and broken pallet charges may apply

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