International Garnet 80 X

Item # 3140-3001 – $450/ton FOB: Milwaukee, WI

International Garnet 80 X – normally $525/ton = 15% discount

Packaged in 3000# super sacks, Seven (7) Super Sacks are available 

What can’t garnet do? Garnet 80X is a pure, natural product that consists of a group of minerals with the mineral Garnet as its primary component. Garnet 80X is a hard, extremely sharp, iron free abrasive that contains less than 1% free crystalline silica. These natural properties provide a unique material for filtration and abrasive blasting or waterjet cutting applications.

Typical Chemical Analysis (%):

SiO2 – 36%, Fe2O3 – 31.1%, CaO – 26%, Al2O3 – 2.9%, MgO – 1%, TiO2 -1%, ZrO2 – 1%

garnet 80 x

Garnet 80X Data Sheet

*warehouse handling and broken pallet charges may apply

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