QuiK-Spec 3000 (QS3000)

The QuiK-Spec 3000 is a spectrometer sampler for molten metal. The QS3000 can be used with Iron, Steel, Aluminum, Brass, and Bronze. Simply attach the QuiK-Spec 3000 to a reusable immersion tube and push the sampler into the molten metal for three to four seconds. Remove the sampler from the metal and carry it to a solid surface. Lightly strike the sampler on a solid surface, and the sample disc is broken free and retrieved for chemical analysis. The sampler can be used in the furnace or the ladle. Sample quality is critical to accurate, consistent spectrometer chemical analysis. The QuiK-Spec 3000 offers an accurate and repeatable analysis for ferrous and nonferrous molten metals. Free graphite and contamination in the sample can cause incorrect carbon, silicon, and sulfur measurements. The QuiK-Spec 3000 sampler provides the lab with a sample that can be repeated time after time, producing a consistent disc and pin that is easy to run in the lab. In addition, this sampler eliminates the need for spoon sampling.  

The QuiK-Spec 3000 sampler is ideal for molten steel. Aluminum or zirconium deoxidation can be added to the sample chamber for high oxygen applications. Consistent surface quality reduces preparation time and yields accurate OES analysis.  

The QuiK-Spec 3000 sampler gives the molten metal producer a cost-effective and easy-to-use device for accurate sampling of molten metal. The discs are 35 mm in diameter and can be ordered in these thicknesses; 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm.  


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