Ladle Liners

Ladle liners are used for pouring metal. We supply one-piece tea-pot style insulating ladle liners and open ladle liners. Our ladle liners can be used with a pouring shank or installed in a metal pouring ladle. Ladle liners exhibit excellent insulating performance, thermal shock resistance, and easy installation. No preheating is required, which leads to energy cost savings. With the highly insulating characteristics, our ladle liners allow you to reduce your tap temperature or will enable you to extend your pouring time. In addition, these ladle liners commonly increase alloy yield and reduce slag carry-over improving metal cleanliness. Get in contact with us for a quote on the size you need. 

Sizes Ranges: 

Top Diameter: 7.5″ to 18.75″

Height: 8.375″ to 21.375″

Volume (in³): 169 in³ to 3985 in³



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