Clay Graphite Ladle Bowls

The best method of taking molten metal samples and for skimming slag from induction furnaces and ladles. The products are supplied in a range of sizes from 17 cubic inches to 122 cubic inch capacity and are designed for obtaining samples for spectrographic analysis, test bars, and thermal analysis samples. Molten metal samples can be retrieved in a cost-efficient way, free from contamination of dirt, which is close to the temperature of the bulk metal being sampled (important for thermal analysis). When supplied with a drain hole they are the ideal means of removing slag and dirt from induction furnaces and casting ladles without resorting to the excessive use of slag coagulants.

Iron Capacity: 4lb up to 62lb

ladle bowls

VB18/3A This ladle bowl is in use at a large automotive foundry for the removal of slag and dross from ductile iron treatment ladles. It is supplied with 3 drain holes to allow the molten metal to drain from the slag and dross removed. Its small size facilitates its ease of use and allows the small diameter treatment ladles to be cleaned quickly and efficiently with little or no loss of iron into the waste bins. The removal of slag and dross in this way means that metal transferred into auto pours is clean and the resultant castings are likely to be free from dirt and inclusions.

NB10 (VB18A, VB4A)  ladle bowls are widely used in the Ferrous and Non-Ferrous foundry industry for taking samples for thermal and spectrographic analysis. Its lightweight and small capacity make it easy to handle and the thermal properties of clay graphite from which it is manufactured ensure that samples are cast at the correct temperature to give consistent, reproducible results.

NB31 The NB31 ladle bowl is in use at many foundries for the removal of slag from large casting ladles and Induction furnaces. It is a machine-pressed ladle bowl that is very light for its capacity. It provides an ideal method of slag removal where large quantities of material have to be removed over an extended period of time.


VB8/4A (VB/2A, VB8/6A) This is a hand-built ladle bowl ideally suited for the removal of aggressive slags from induction furnaces. The large drain hole ensures that a minimum of molten iron is removed with the slag. Its construction offers a very hard-wearing ladle bowl which gives a cost-effective means of ensuring dirt and slag-free iron is supplied to all types of molding lines.

NB32/1 & NB32/4 These are spoon-shaped ladle bowls that have been specifically designed for use in the removal of slags from all sizes of electric induction furnaces. The shape ensures the complete removal of all slag from the surface of the molten metal easily and quickly. They are supplied with a drain hole so that only dirt and slag are removed from the furnace.

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