Exothermic Riser Sleeve

Our exothermic sleeves are vacuum formed for iron and steel castings. Exochem sleeves are manufactured with quality materials and engineered for maximum performance and safety with minimum risk. Carpenter Brothers, Inc. offers three levels of exothermic riser sleeves; a mild exothermic sleeve for when the metal needs to stay liquid longer and a high exothermic product that adds heat to the metal for better feeding efficiency. We also offer an exothermic sleeve for manganese steel. These exothermic sleeves can be custom made with I.D.’s ranging up to 30″ and come in 6″, 8″, 10″, or 12″ lengths.

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Exothermic Riser Sleeve Options:

  • ES: Mild exothermic. Slow ignition. It burns at a slower rate than ESPX. Used mainly for larger diameter sleeves (7”-30”).
  • ESPX: High exothermic. Fast ignition. Fast rate of burn. Used on inserts and smaller diameter risers (1”-6”).
  • D-15: High exothermic. Ignites fast. Fast rate of burn. For manganese steel.

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