Carpenter Brothers, Inc. proudly supplies HA International no-bake resin systems.

The Phenolic Urethane No Bake (PUNB) process utilizes a catalyst reaction to produce a urethane bond that cures under ambient conditions without the addition of heat, gas, or vapor. In addition to PUNB resin systems, HA-International has the industry’s most comprehensive lineup of Furan No-Bake (FNB) and Phenolic No-Bake (PNB) Acid Cure No-Bake resin systems.

HAI’s acid cure resins go from high FA content, low water, zero nitrogen to furan modified resins that offer the lowest cost while maintaining the expected performance in the mold-making process without compromising the casting quality.

Our comprehensive product selection allows you to select the right product to meet your specific application. HAI can accommodate any casting application with nearly every combination of furfuryl alcohol, water, urea, and plasticizer chemistry. Regardless of your particular goal, we are confident that one of our acid-cure no-bake resin systems will get the job done.

no bake

Advantages No Bake :

  • Ideal for loop system production
  • Variable cure times (15 sec – 1 hr or more)
  • Good work time to strip time ratios
  • Good sand flowability
  • Can pour cores or molds shortly after stripping
  • Good resin storage life
  • Patterns may be made from metal, wood, and/or plastic
  • Sand can be reclaimed

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