Cold Box

Carpenter Brothers, Inc. proudly supplies HA International cold box resins. Their portfolio includes:

Phenolic Urethane Cold Box systems (PUCB) – The PUCB process utilizes an amine gas to catalyze the reaction between a phenolic resin and an isocyanate resin to produce a urethane bond. HAI’s PUCB resins are the best in the business for high core strengths, long mixed sand bench life, humidity resistance, and release characteristics that can’t be matched.

Phenolic Esters Cold Box systems (ECP) – Ester-cured phenolic cold box process uses two components; a resin and a curing agent. The resin (Betaset) is an alkaline phenolic resole in water, and the curing agent is the vapor of a volatile ester, methyl formate. The betaset resin offers higher strength development and excellent dimensional stability, both highly desirable traits in making high valued castings.

Carbophen systems – Carbophen is a water-soluble phenolic resin system cured by passing carbon dioxide (CO2) gas into a sealed core box. The resin is the sole binder component added to the sand for making molds and cores. In addition, carbophen has been formulated to contain no reportable formaldehyde making this system more environmentally friendly.

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cold box

Advantages of Cold Box:

  • No tooling heat required
  • Cures at room temperature
  • Cost-effective to run in comparison to heat-cured systems
  • Low labor and energy cost
  • Good dimensional accuracy
  • Cores can be handled immediately
  • Cores can be cast almost immediately
  • Long resin shelf life

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