Thermal Analysis Cups

The QuiK-Cup thermal analysis cup is used for measuring the cooling curve and phase changes of molten cast iron and ductile iron. The thermal analysis cup measures the carbon equivalent, carbon, and silicon of your iron.

The QuiK-Cup thermal analysis cup is designed with a highly accurate type K thermocouple which measures the liquidus temperature and the eutectic temperature as the iron solidifies. From these two measurements the carbon equivalent, carbon, and silicon are calculated. The QCTE QuiK-Cup comes with a tellurium “blob” at the bottom of the thermal analysis cup allowing it to measure the liquidus and white eutectic temperatures of both hypo and hyper eutectic iron, providing very accurate CE, C & Si calculations. The controlled release of the tellurium into solution guarantees 100% white solidification. No other design offers this controlled infusion of tellurium. The QSN QuiK-Cup comes without the tellurium blob used to measure the grey eutectic cooling curve points.


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